The Biggest No for Payday Loans


If you are in an emergency and need fast fund, you should be very careful. Don’t think of payday loans to try. Just go search for your friend or family’s help. What do you know about a pay-day loan? The pay-day loan is a kind of loan that requires you to repay your debts after you receive your paycheck with a fantastic interest. There are always ways to borrow cash and the pay-day loan is a big no. Especially if you don’t have valuable things to sell or little saving, you need to put the pay-day loan the last choice. Consider the options here:

Choices of Safer Loans:

  • Choose the societies of military aid. If you or your family has given military service, you are available to borrow money without interests from the society of military aid in your place. This society usually has programs for buying groceries, medical bills, rent, etc.
  • Employer’s cash advance. Make sure you have a good reputation in your workplace otherwise your employer will say no to your borrowing money. You should try though. Just explain your situation to him or her thoroughly and clearly. This is actually a very safe way to borrow cash.
  • Go to your family members who are financially settled. Just politely ask for her/his help and explain your financial problems. Tell him/her that you are capable enough to pay for debts. If you have a valuable thing, it’s okay to tell him/her that it can be the collateral. If you don’t have any valuable things and you have an only little salary, ask for installment payment.
  • Applying for a small-dollar loan seems to be the best way as well. Find out if there are some banks available your place offering to lend you less than 1000 dollars. You need money before you get paycheck since it’s not enough for you to fulfill your basics, right? This fast cash loan is usually affordable to repay, so try.
  • Applying for a loan from Credit Unions is a good idea. Credit Union has had a small loan  program  with a small rate of interest. The money you can borrow is from 200 hundred dollars to one thousand dollars. Learn well about the requirement so the fund you need fast will come fast as well.

They are a lot safer than payday loans, don’you t think? If you’ve already been in trouble of having debts caused by pay-day loan, don’t worry too much because there are always ways to solve your  problems. Just be positive thinking and enthusiastic. Here are the ways you would probably take:

  • With a little help from friends or family, so you can lend money from them without interest, you can pay all the loans to the payday lenders.
  • If it’s not possible you can visit a credit counselor and ask for his/her advice so you and the lenders will have a win-win solution.

However, choosing a counselor can be another problem. Make sure that you choose the counselor that doesn’t ask payment in advance or you’ll get in a bigger trouble.  For you information, a good credit counselor doesn’t ask for their payment in advance. The information about payday loans here hopefully will broaden your knowledge so you won’t be trapped by them.

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