Payday Loans in Knoxville, TN


There are several companies which offer payday loans Knoxville TN. But first, what is a payday loan? The clearest explanation for that one is that a payday loan is a loan which is relatively small in terms of the amount which will be repaid when the borrower receives his/her payment. The interest is usually pretty high, but it may depend on the lenders. Well, whatever your purpose on getting a loan, here are the list of the companies which may be able to help you!

  1. Cedar Bluff Cash Advance

Cedar Bluff Cash Advance is the first company you visit when you are in need of an amount of money quickly. Also known as Advance to Payday, Inc., this company claims to have the most sincere and nice service and staff around the city. Well, it might be telling the truth since it won the Best Knoxville Company in 2015, which means that this company’s quality is pretty high in business. Aside from payday loans, you can also get other types of money loans, like cash advances, title loans, as well as credit loans with flexible lines. If you have decided to use the company’s service, then, there will be several items you need to bring when you visit the office, such as 30 checking account statements that are most recent, a utility or phone bill (choose one), last pay stub, photo ID, and SS card.

Address: 450 North Cedar Bluff roads, Knoxville

Phone number: +18656701113

Open hours: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM (closes on Sunday)

  1. Payday Express

Well, the next place you can visit in order to get payday loans Knoxville TN would be the building owned by Payday Express. It is a loan agency which is situated near the Highway 25, Knoxville and has been known by the locals as an agency which is very understanding and accommodating to its clients. Getting a loan from this company is also easy and painless since you would not need to do and fill any bothersome requirements to get it. Sure, there are several documents you need taken care of, but it pretty quick and practical. Unfortunately, though, Payday Express does not have any website which enables its client to get loans online.

Address: 5109 Clinton Highway, Knoxville

Phone number: +18656863257

Open hours: 10.00 AM-6:00 PM

  1. Fast Cash Plus

Located inside Clinton Plaza- a well-known shopping mall in knoxville, Tennessee, this one is great company when it comes to loan service. The place where the company is situated is pretty easy to reach since most people would have known the shopping mall mentioned earlier. Well, if you have no time to travel to get a payday loan, then, you do not need to worry since you can visit the website owned by Loan Solo- a company which acts connecting service to many loan agents, including Fast Cash Plus. Well, getting a loan from this company is easy since everything is administered quickly!

Address: 5100 Clinton Highway, Knoxville

Phone number: +18652810180

Open hours: 8.00 AM-6:00 PM

Above was the list of payday loan companies in the city Knoxville you can visit. These companies will provide you the money you need. Well, visit one of the payday loans Knoxville TN!

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