Best Companies in the US to get Online Loans

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When looking for easy money, it is best to say that online loans would be the choice you need. Paying off a big expense, consolidating you credit card, and the need to borrow money quickly would be some of the reasons why people need to get a loan. Well, since it is easy to get, taking it is absolutely a good idea! Below you can find the list of the best companies in the United Stated you can contact!

  1. LendingClub

The first company in the US in which you can contact it online to get a loan would be LendingClub. This company is one of the best options you can choose since it offers great transparency when it comes to lending services. The interest rates it has, by the way, are very satisfying since all of them are absolutely competitive. By the way, the availability of the loans offered by this lending company is also very wide! Besides, you can trust the quality of the company since it is actually one of the largest peer-to-peer lenders in the country that you can find! It would not be harmful to your credit score when you are applying for a loan since it only generates a soft inquiry.

  1. Earnest

The next one you need to visit online would be the company name Earnest and the name says it all. The company is actually a startup which was relatively recent when it comes to the time it was established. The loans it offers are mostly low in terms of the cost that you would have to pay off. Besides, you would not need to worry if you have any deficits in some areas since the company will start to evaluate you in more criteria than most other companies. unfortunately, though, the low cost is only available for those who financially responsible and the terms might look less appealing for some since it offers one, two, and three-year online loans only.

  1. Prosper

When it comes to lending criteria, this company can be considered more flexible and liberal than most of the other lending companies available out there. The loans are also impressively transparent and you can have wider availability when applying to get fast cash. The company, though, will require you to have a minimum credit score of 640- although there will be a lot of other factor that the company will evaluate to provide you a better interest rate for the loans you will get.


Usually, it would be tougher for people with a below average credit score to get loans quickly since they would need to pay higher interest rates and fewer options will be available for them. Fortunately, understands you wish for quick cash even when you credit score is lower than 600 in totals. Applying for loans in the company requires you to pay nothing at all. Besides, you can get pre-approved pretty quickly. Unfortunately, though, the amount of online loans will usually be small.

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