The Fate of Scott Tucker- the Founder of the AMG Payday Loan Services

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Most articles would be focusing on the Scott Tucker payday loan company. Well, this one will be a bit different since we will be focusing on the owner of the company which made the fraud. You will be given a chance to take a better look on Scott Tucker , the guy who masterminded one of the worst fraud cases in the history of United States.

Who he is

So, who is the person behind the fraud which involved one of the largest lending company (or used to be) in the United States? AMG Services was the company who did the fraud, but all of this was masterminded by a genius- not in a good way whose name is Scott Tucker. The man, by the first time you see him, he looked like just another entrepreneur- but it turned out that he was not a kind one since he decided to go south many times and destroyed his reputation as well as his career which was pretty big.

The man was born is Kansas City, Missouri on May 5, 1962. Only little to no information is available about his childhood, but we do know that the man had been a guy who worked as an entrepreneur for quite a long time as well as a racketeer. Although the most famous case was the one he committed with Scott Tucker payday loan company in 2012, it was not the first fraud he did. On the Contrary, he had previously spent a year of a sentence at Leavenworth federal prison due to mail frauds and falsifying statements to a bank by his bogus lending company named Chase, Morgan, Stearns, & LIoyd. Apparently, this man was not easy to be taken down permanently!

AMG Services case

Scott Tucker, who was also a racer in his leisure time, founded an online business in 2001 in Kansas City, his hometown. The company managed to establish a good reputation for quite a long time as a cover for the mischievous attitude made by its CEO. The man deliberately made a policy to made low-principal payday loans which have high interest rates, even in the states where such a thing was not legally authorized. In 2014, two years after the first time the case was filed, he was brought to the court for a witness call in order to look for any possible violations. Two years after, the man was sentenced to 16 years and 8 months of prison time in a federal jail and he had to pay for USD 505 million as refunds to his former borrowers.

Of course, no one would accept such a verdict, even if one is really guilty- including Scott Tucker. The man had a lawyer- like most of us, and he hired him to appeal for this case. To make matters even weirder, though, the guy had no idea that what he had done was a fraud! This was evidenced by his statement that said he was an honest businessman and people had misunderstood him. Well, apparently, this man who was behind the Scott Tucker payday loan case needs help!

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