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People who need a loan for their urgent financial needs will probably look for a safe option that can help them get the loan without too much interest. One of the options that they can choose is to use the Pawn Shop service. If you are one of them, you may want to read some recommendations of “Pawn Shop open near me“.

Pawn King

This is one of the biggest and most trusted pawn shop in several locations in Northwest Indiana. They officially served their costumers since 1998 and opens their offices in Portage, Merrillville, East Chicago, and Griffith. It means that you will be able to easily reach the Pawn King wherever you are in the region.

They offer loans with collateral on a wide range of item types. They also give dollars for your jewelry, electronics, household items, music equipment, tools, and many other valuable things. They will give you cash directly without the need of using any credit check an appointment. You can freely come to their shop either for getting some cash or for shopping for some items you need. As soon as you enter the store, the staff will greet you and give a helpful service with a smile.

Highland Jewelry & Loan

If you live in Northwest Indiana, you are lucky because you can reach highland Jewelry & Loan everytime you need to get a loan with just a little effort. It is a family-owned pawn shop that will give you a safe and confidential loan. You can also sell your gold and silver at a higher price than you can get from the other jewelry shops.

They claim that they always give their best service and pay attention to detail, not to mention pay your items more than you expected. With all of their excellent services, they are confident that they will be your favorite place to get a loan and to shop. Not only jewelry that you can sell to this shop, but you can also sell your guns, coins, watches, electronics, collectibles, and musical instrument for cash. If you are interested to do a beneficial transaction with the company, you can directly come to the shop, which is located on Indianapolis Boulevard, Highland, Indiana.

Cash Indiana Pawn Shop

Just like the Highland Jewelry & Loan, Cash Indiana is also a family-owned pawn shop located in Indiana. The owner of this shop is Jack Batz and Cathy Batz. It initially started as a Diner Bell Restaurant and a gun shop. In 1994, this shop operated as a pawn shop in Michigan City. They claim that the most important thing and the key to success is to treat their costumers with fairness and respect, no wonder that this place is included as one the most recommended “Pawn Shop open near me” for those who live around North West Indiana.

You Jewelry, platinum, silver, and gold will always be valuable to be exchanged with cash at high prices. You can use your unwanted coins and jewelry for a short term loan. They also give a collateral loan service for their costumers.

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