Where Can You Get Loans to Buy a House?

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Common loan generally has a fee or interest to be paid by the borrower. But some people with an urgent need for financial support tend to try to get a loan without interest. One of the needs is the loans to buy a house. Is there really an interest-free loan that can be obtained by the costumer? Yes, there are some. But it will all depend on who you borrow the loan from. You can get the loan not only from banks. Instead, you can get loans to buy a house from the following alternative parties.

Pawnshop Services

This interest-free lender will allow you to get both short term and long term loans. You can use your valuable items as collateral, or you can sell them to the shop for reasonable prices. At pawn shops, the system that applies is capital rent, not interest. In addition, pawn shops only provide administrative fees. You can get loans to buy a house or to cover you other financial needs.

The pawnshop services have long been trusted by the community to overcome the problem of funding with a mild risk with a faster processor. Prospective costumers only need to bring valuables that can be used as collateral with a certain maximum loan term. The term of the loan can also be extended by paying capital rent or repaying part of the loan money.

The value of the loan received will depend on the estimated value of the items you use as collateral. Some valuable items that can be used as collateral include electronic devices, gold, jewelry, and collectibles. These items will later be used as collateral and are estimated based on quality. After you have finished estimating, you can immediately get a cash loan on the very same day.


Other loan alternatives that you can take into consideration are multi finance institutions. Have you ever heard about multi finance institutions? when you apply for loans to buy a house for this party, you only need to prepare the standard requirements in the form of personal data and valuable certificate that you will make as collateral.

At present, there are many multi finance institutions that you can choose, but you should always remember that the interest rates charged by multi finance institutions are generally greater than those offered by banks. In addition, the loan term offered by this institution is usually shorter. Thus, you should carefully consider many aspects before making a deal with a multi finance company.


Basically, leasing will provide a number of funding facilitated by a financial institution. This loan is not given in cash, but in the form of movable assets, such as motorbikes and cars. The loan application can only be processed if the applicant submits a valuable certificate as collateral.

Those are some alternative sources of loans that can help you with financial support or loans to buy a house. You can learn the advantages and disadvantages that each party may give before deciding which one is the most suitable for you. Besides, you should also have a clear plan of how and how long you will pay the loans back.

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