How to Cope Financial Problem and Avoid Loans


People are often forgetting when they take loan, they are also charged for this services. If you are willing to count it thoroughly, you will realize the fact that borrowing money is just expensive since its interest can buy you some luxury items. If you face financial problems and need cash quickly, there are some other ways to cope it.

  1. Find A Second Job

You can make your hobby or specialization as based to find a side job that will generate income. Make sure that you will be able to do your primary job properly and try to get other opportunities around you. Even your co-workers can be valuable resources. Ask if they need something you can do aside from office matter and let them pay you.

  1. Sell Unnecessary Items or Visit Pawn Shop

Start to inspect the whole house carefully and list some items you no longer need. With a proper approach, you can turn it into some cash. Even you can open a garage sale or post it online for faster responses.

You can also visit a pawn shop and consult with them about the terms. If it’s something important and have sentimental value, you should consider about how you can claim it back.

  1. Try to Ask Advance Paycheck

It may seem like loan which you are using up your future paycheck at present. Still, it is safer because you don’t need to worry about traps and too much fees. In order to get advance, you should try to consult with person in charge from human resource department.

Some companies have policies to allow its employees to get loan and cut their paycheck for payments. You can choose how months you want it to be paid off. But, this will obviously lessen the amount you can get per month. So, you need to eliminate some routine expenses aside from the important bills like electric, gas and other debt payments.

  1. Ask Your Creditors to Extend the Due Date

If you figure out that you won’t be able to pay this month’s payment, you should contact your creditor and explain to them. Many of them will agree to extend your due date with no retribution fees. Explaining in advance about your late payment will also help them realize your good intention and not report you to the credit bureau.

  1. Emergency Savings

This is the right time to use your secret savings. Using the emergency funds is better than have to engage on some loans program which charges more than what you used up. Take for some enough amount and set it back, so you still have resources in case of other emergencies rise.

  1. Borrow Some Cash from Relatives

This option may have risk deeper than applying loans since you can break your relationship. You should keep your commitment with their help and be faithful to pay it off as if to bank or legal lender. You should settle your debt with them as soon as possible and maintain your relationship.

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